3 In 1 Smart Bike Light
3 In 1 Smart Bike Light

3 In 1 Smart Bike Light

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The Bike Headlight will give you the best   visibility and keep safe distance in the dark.

Equipped with the most accurate tracking on speed and distance helps you to get more fun of your cycling trip or easily achieve your fitness goals.

Bike front light is designed for brightness of 800 lumens,  95° light angle and 4 lighting modes to choose, lights the road ahead, also 4 lighting modes, alerts drivers to your presence so they know to give you enough space.

This bicycle computer works well to measure and record speed, distance and riding time, which are what any serious bicyclist or fitness fanatic needs to know. Bicycle front light and horn 2 in 1 design. The bike horn can emit a warning sound up to 120 dB and there are 5 sounds to choose.

Made of high quality ABS material, IPX65 rated, which means no need to release it if you get caught in the rain. The surface of piano paint technology, strong and durable.



Light working time: 10hrs
Computer working time: 3000hrs
Rechargeable Battery: 4000mAh
Charging mode: USB
charging Recharge time: 4hrs
Reader : Mph and Kmh

Easy to install, and save your handlebar space.


Package : 

( 1 ) Main Unit

( 2 ) Bracket

( 3 ) Spoke Magnet

( 4 ) Installation Kit

( 5 ) Speed Sensor

( 6 ) Lighting And Sound Extension Controller

( 7 ) Extension Controller Fixed Strap

( 8 ) Zip Ties

( 9 ) USB Charging Cable

(10) Central bracket

(11) Bike Tail light 


Tips :

please pay attentions to 5 points

1.the distance between monitor and sensor should below 55 cm.

2. the distance between sensor and magnetic should below 3 mm.

3. In order to enhance anti-interference, we used ID coding technology in the design. When the battery is just installed, the speed sensor needs to work continuously for 1 minute to recognize the new sensor.Please refer to the video and test for one minute, then check if the speed sensor is working properly.

4.The wrong installation of the speed sensor will also cause 0 display. please refer to the picture below to make sure the installation is right.

5. If it still do not work, then replace a new CR2032 battery for the sensor.

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